crawlster®4Wd – the worldwide unique HighEnd BTA steering system for Axial WRAITH – now also available for Vanquish Products WRAITH tuning knuckles

The implementation of a BTA concept for the Axial WRAITH has always been considered difficult, if not impossible. crawlster® steering systems accepted the challenge and tried a completely new approach.

4Wd+VP = ultimate Tuning

The crawlster®4Wd steering system is now also available in a complete package for Vanquish Products Wraith Tuning-Knuckles* (VPS03201) in combination with Axial AR60 OCP axles*. Join our shop.

*Not included in the kit

All crawlster®steering systems support:

The standard steering of some of the most common 4x4 crawler scale models have a negative thrust angle (Ackermann) because of their design. In practice this leads to an unfavorable steering performance with constant sliding of the wheel on the outside of the curve. In addition, steering bars in front of the axle tend to reduce the ground clearance and spoil the scale look of model 4x4 vehicles.

crawlster®steering systems resolve these issues by design-optimized links – the inner wheel now steers correctly i.e. more than the outer one – so the cornering performance and off-road maneuverability is significantly improved – without steering bars in front of the axle.